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Tips For Healthy Living

Feel great with emotional well-being, soul development, and mind body health tips.

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Live Life Vibrantly

Crystal gives the gifts of positive attitude and peaceful spirit to each person she interacts with


Latest Features

Expert advice and in-depth features for a healthy life

The Best Life Coach Tool

You wake up to the day and what is your first thought? You might be thinking of your children, you partner, your pets, your work day. There are

Vibrational Medicine

"Feel the vibes." "Being on the same wavelength". Bring yourself back to that moment when you felt balance and alignment. That is the healing dynamic of vibrational medicine.

Flower Power

I am ecstatic about the amazing power of flower essences also referred to as flower remedies and their ability to transform. Just about any situation within yourself or

Affirmations for Vibrant Living

I still stand by my belief in the power of positive energy and thought as a foundation for well-being. Yes, life throws at us stuff we don’t want

Healthy Fats and Oils

On this particular Friday at the salon I listened to my hairstylist and another client engage in conversation about cooking oils and which ones were good for cooking

The Answers Are Within You

Our intuition, our gut feelings are often readily available to us as long as we are tuned in. Even then, often it is difficult to trust the messages

Stay Energized

Everybody wants more energy to get through their daily routines.

Incorporating these tips will not only give you more energy, they are preventative and aid in keeping you healthy.